Sleeping Beauty on Ice: South Africa, December 2013

Perry Scenic were commissioned to design and build a brand new stage set for the World Premier of the newest production for the Imperial Ice Stars. Under the direction of Tony Mercer and Paul Mansfield,the Perry’s designers created a truly dazzling set depicting the timeless fairytale beautifully. The show has succesfully toured Capetown and Johannesburg and will be brought to the UK next year. With a 3D decorative proscenium archway lined with hand crafted fabric roses leading through to a magnificent Palace ballroom, it was another project successfully delivered.

The Ballroom Scene had a truly unique feature; a balcony walkway with ice panels laid onto the decks allowing the skaters to perform above the stage floor, giving depth and dramatic feel to the show – a particularly rare and unknown feature to have the ice skaters actually skating upon a raised stage balcony!

The Scenic artistry throughout the show was beyond exceptional, our artists truly excelled during this project. It is hard to believe that the cloths were all hand painted! A unique skill that Perry Scenic prides themselves upon.

The entire set consisted of:

4 large 60’ wide Backdrops all hand painted and 2 Appliqued – all with matching sets of borders and legs

3D Padded legs for a dramatic Forest scene.

A fully functional walkway balcony – an aluminium structure disguised brilliant by our skilled carpentry department creating an imitation marble stairway!

Series of beautiful deep red velour drapes all with matching swags and tails and finished with gold tassels.

A Beautiful Gold Satin Reveal Drapes – hung on 3 different bars created a dramatic opening to the show.

Various stage props – one particular stand out piece  was the Royal Bed that was mechanically made to enclose the princess as she slept.

The whole show was a magnificent achievement for all departments within the company, each added their own unique skills and working as a team produced a truly remarkable touring set – one to be very proud of. It was a pleasure to again work with artistic director Tony Mercer of the Imperial Ice Stars to bring his vision for a spectacular atmospheric Ice Show with Russian flavour.