The company created two entirely unique sets for Katy Perry's performances on X-Factor. The first used an aluminium curved double staircase, which incorporated a staging area with semi-translucent fascia covered in a holographic film flown in especially from America. We applied a matching holographic film to the stage decks with an extra protective cover to ensure the safety of the dancers, but keeping continuity in the visual design.

Two drapes with matching appliqued design were tailored on site in London to ensure no light leaks were visible, and even made sure that the back of the set looked equally amazing on camera. As the set had to be rigged in less than 3 minutes during a live show, Perry Scenic built the entire set on rolling risers to enable the crew an easy build in a high pressure situation.

We also produced a series of birdcages in various sizes with a burnished gold scenic finish. Katy's cage was over 12' tall and was designed to allow aerial artists to swing from underneath as the cage was flown above the stage.

The cage was covered in a gold satin fullness drape producing a falling kabuki effect at the opening of the song. It was designed and manufactured to allow one person to activate the drape during the performance without the need for any technology. Our crew were on hand all day to ensure that the performance was a success.