Our Design Team worked extensively alongside John Bishop and production manager Adam Scott to create a set that incorporated visual gags within his script. Tailoring the design to meet the needs of both the artist and the touring crew, Perry Scenic created the entire set from scratch, which included a fully functioning Helter Skelter with a 3D sculpted clowns head for the slide exit. The 3D fibre glass clown head incorporated a set of soft padded teeth and ears that enabled John Bishop to climb the Helter Skelter.

An Applique 2D Rollercoaster backdrop created the illusion that the Rollercoaster was in fact real and towering above the audience. The beautiful scenic artistry that Perry Scenic created resulted in a back drop so full of life and atmospehere that people found it hard to believe that it was not real!

A Clever set design enabled the tour to be loaded into 3 trucks instead of 4!

John Bishop 1John Bishop 2John Bishop 3