We created a 40ft Crow for Electronic dance duo, Knife Party.

The 3D sculpture is actually a 40ft crow created for electronic dance duo Knife Party's Halloween Brixton Academy gig.

The metallic crow with blades for wings and glowing red and green eyes formed the centre piece for the sell out show with the duo performing on the back of the crow for the entire performance.

The process:

Perry Scenic Creative's scenic artist Jacqui Pyle creates an initial sketch of the crow.

A clay maquette of the head and small versions of the wings are created in from the drawings.

The Perry Scenic Creative team begin to cut the crow out from polystyrene.

The polystyrene is stacked up and wired together to create the 3D sculpture.

Jacqui begins to add detail to the hard coated polystyrene crow including rivets and the scenic metal finish.

The layering of different grey tones creates the illusion of a metal finish.

A colour change LED is added into the eye socket.

The finished crow has a platform on the back provided by LS Live for Knife Party to perform on.

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