Perry Scenic was commissioned to create an inflatable structure that had to have no external structural support and was to be freestanding during the entire performance for Goldfrapp European Tour and festival performances.

Most companies would have bolted through the door, but not us. The team worked long hours on the design, creating numerous samples before finalising the ideal fabric and structure.

Working with only one 1000cc fan, we created a giant silver vortex with a central ring for the bands entrance, and once the fan was activated the structure transformed from a pile of fabric into a remarkable and unique construction in front the audiences' eyes.

The piece consisted of clear PVC with a silver textured fabric sewn onto the face and it produced a fantastic surface from which to bounce light and colour changing effects and created a wonderfully eerie atmosphere during the show.

Each patter piece was double stitched then sealed together to ensure that there was a maximum airflow throughout the structure allowing no air leaks.

On site support was provided with two members of staff being on site to rig the structure during the live shows.