Rammstein Tours

Rammstein; the German ‘Neue Deutsche Harte’ (New German Hardness) band are world renowned for their insane stage productions winning numerous awards for their sell out tours. This is where Perry Scenic flourish as we thrive on theatrical artistry and Rammstein certainly fuels our excitement! With their crazy ideas, some you would never dream of, Perry Scenic has created them all for Rammstein from; Giant Birthing Sacks, body parts suspended from trussing, plasterboard breakthrough panels, to some powerful lighting pods and the most fabulous if not a little disturbing backdrops!!

Lisa from our drapes department saw her first ever Rammstein project with Perry Scenic over 8 years ago. Along with other members of the team she remembers spending hours burning and melting white voile strips to create a fantastic textured wallpaper backdrop for the band – this was just the beginning. Lisa along with all the Perry Scenic crew have worked over many years producing some incredible stage sets for Rammstein. It has been a pleasure.

Set Design:
Roy Bennett, Peter Aquinde

Lighting Design:
Roy Bennett

Production Manager:
Nicolai Sabottka 

Rammstein 2
Rammstein 3
Rammstein 4
Rammstein 5
Rammstein 6
Rammstein 7