Pink – European Tours,
Festival Performances
and 2 Album Launches

The American artist Pink became one of the most successful artists selling over 50 million records and Perry Scenic can proudly state that they have been part of her success! When Roger Davies approached Jonathan Perry to create a set for Pink’s European Tour, we began work on six, 20ft high silver inflatable columns. The challenge was to ensure that they were self supporting, versatile and flexible and to be able to withstand the demands of touring. The columns were lined with silver spikes which were carefully constructed to maintain enough air to keep them fully inflated during the performance. The set was visually very stunning!

Due to the hugely successful promo for Pink, Perry’s were commissioned to design and build a stage set for her Festival performances. Taking influences from Chinese culture the team created four 3D soft sculpted dragons with spiralling tails from silver lame and with the artists final delicate touch brought the dragons to life. Along with the dragons Pink requested a logo which also needed to be soft sculpted which would hang in front of some beautiful silver satin fullness drapes. The entire set could be packed away into 3 hampers – perfect for touring!

In 2006 Pink launched her 4th studio album 'Im not Dead'. Perry Scenic were again commissioned to produce a small touring backdrop, this time with 3D appliqued roses. Our drapes department created some oversized beautiful flowers with each individual petal cut especially to bring each rose to life. The Album was a roaring success and we found ourselves being asked by Mark Fisher to create his vision for the European Tour; a grand entrance with huge painted pink feathers, a 3D bubble backdrop and camo netting kabuki drapes. Our drapes team were flown out to Nice in France to make final adjustments to the show drapes and even managed to make it onto the DVD that was filmed especially to show behind the scenes of the tour!

The Funhouse tour came off the back of yet another hugely success album for Pink. Perry Scenic were approached to create the shows opening drapes; three sharkstooth painted gauzes. The design mirroreded the patterns found on the waltzers at the fairground. The whole Perrys team worked together to ensure the tight deadline was met, even our carpenters lent a steady hand painting! A fantastic achievement for the whole company!

Roger Davies approached Jon Perry to create the set for 2 European tours, comprising.

Six off 20 feet high columns of 1m long silver spikes, self standing  inflatable structures. Striking, versatile and very flexible set pieces.

Soft 3D sculpted 20 feet high Dragons 

3D Sculpted Padded "PINK" Backrop

1st Album Launch
Printed and Scenic Painted Backdrop with appliqued 3D Flowers

2 European Launches & 1st Album Launch
Artistic Director: Jon Perry 

2nd Album Launch
Designer: Mark Fisher 

Pinks Manager: Roger Davies