The Killers Stage Set Wembley.

Perry Scenic has worked with the US Rock group in previous years producing a number of remarkable backdrops for the band. With 2013 being a particularly busy year for them they arrived at Wembley Stadium on the 22nd June for a special 'one off' spectacular show designed with a huge visual impact in mind.

We produced a 'Nevada Crest' incorporating the bands title studio album and two 3D lightning bolts. The  Crest was suspended from the roof fascia (50ft above the centre stage). We had a round truss specially made for it and the crest was cleverly constructed  and scenic painted to give the impression of a fully 3D set piece. The crest was made low relief for easy packaging as this was one of the requirements to aid their air freighting and touring needs.

The 3D lightning bolts (36ft high) were each suspended on Stage Left and Stage Right of the performance stage. These were the band's signature pieces fitted with DMX controlled colour changing LED's which outlined each bolt. They looked absoutely fantastic and was a talking point of the show.

Production Manager:
Michel O'Berg

Lighting Design:
Steven Douglas

Killers 1
Killers 2
Killers 3
Killers 4
Killers 5
Killers 6
Killers 7
Killers 8
Killers 9