Pandemonium Tour & Take That Progess Tour (Opening Act)

Fireproofing over 300 Cardboard Boxes was the challenge facing the Perry's team for the Pet Shop Boys Pandemonium Tour. Designer Rob Sinclair's idea for the tour was to use white cardboard boxes to build a giant wall across the stage, providing a perfect surface to work some projection magic upon. Boxes were suspended above the stage which gave you the feeling that they were about to 'tip' at any moment.This provided an exciting platform for the tour and we were blown away by how something so simple like a cardboard box could create such a dramatic impact on stage. As the tour was such a success the team was asked to provide more and more boxes!

This theme continued leading Perry Scenic to be approached by designer Es Devlin to create a world of 2D and 3D colourful boxes hanging on Scenery Netting for the Take That Progress Tour which the Pet Shop Boys were the opening act.

Set Design:
Rob Sinclair (Pandemonium)
Es Devlin (TT Progress Tour)

Pet Shop Boys 1