iTunes Round House London 

2012 Goldfrapps Set
Set Designer - Rob Sinclair

2013 Katy Perry Set
Designer- Roy Bennett

2013 iTunes Interview Artist Set

2013 Artist VIP Area
Design: Bruce Rogers 

iTunes Festival –
TV Broadcast Area 

USA Set designer Bruce Rogers approached Jonathan and the team to build a secure blackout area with a translight backdrop for the iTunes Live TV Broadcasts. We had one day to convert a blank canvas into a fantastic world suitable for TV.  The Team built a series of false walls and created an area to hang the backdrop with a complete blackout from floor to ceiling meet all the demands from both the designer and TV production team. A professional photographer was allowed to take a picture of the Roundhouse in Camden London, the home of the festival. We had 24 hours to take that image, print and create a ‘translight’ backdro ; this is a unique backdrop that allowed the backdrop to glow and come alive. This was a new and exciting advancement in drapery; this was made even more spectacular with the added touch of giant light bulbs hanging from the ceiling.The atmosphere that the team created with the set was perfect for the festival.

iTunes 1
iTunes 2