Muse Stadium  Tour 2013.

The band Muse are renowned for their live touring shows so when Perry Scenic was asked to be a part of that it sparked a buzz around our workshops.

Our first task was presented by the hugely successful production manager Chris Vaughan to produce a collection of large drapes which lined the entire stage behind the video walls. At first we thought this was a pretty straight forward job however these drapes had to fulfill a number of requirements for eg; allow air to pass through, be strong enough to withstand gale force winds, be adjustable to allow set pieces through but most importantly remain waterproof for the entire tour!

Having successful achieved what Chris asked us for initially, he requested our soft goods team to be onsite during the tour rehearsals at the Ricoh Arena, Coventry. This remained our home for the entire week where the list of needs was endless with all crew needing many different drapes.

The designer of the tour Oli Metcalfe approached Jonathan Perry with a request to make some 'Chimneys'  that would sit on top of the stage trussing over 50ft above the stage. The fabric needed to create a skin that wrapped around the aluminium stack but still allowed light to be seen through the them, however they also needed to be  made out of  the highest fire rated fabric as the Pyro guns inside the chimneys produced a flame that shot up over 12ft into the sky!

All in all we created over 100 different drapes fro the tour. Production manager Chris Vaughan was so pleased withthe work we had produced that he sent us the following email;

"Please pass on my thanks to your team for their hard work and diligence over our rehearsal was one of the easiest times we had in rehearsals, and having you guys on hand was invaluable" - CV


Set and Lighting Design:
Oli Metcalfe