The Script Tour

To promote their 3rd Studio Album, The Script were on tour in the UK and Ireland. The set design was all centred around the number three,3, being the album title. LS Live were commissioned to build the two-tier staging who then approached Perry Scenic to create the finishing touches.

The stage deck itself measured 30m wide by 13m deep and our artists were on hand to create a bespoke design for the flooring which was then photographed and printed onto marley vinyl. The flooring was tailored on site to fit the stage flooring exactly. Our drapes department had the task of tailoring a printed blackout cloth on site to the stage risers which ran the full stage width, with it having to be made in sections as the stage design incorporated LED flooring panels and various stage heights. One particular request was to ensure that the sub speakers postioned under the stage was not visible to the audience but still allowed enough sound to escape through the drape. To overcome this we used a fabric with tiny airholes so as not to detract fom the vision of the designer but to fulfill the needs of the sound technicians working on the tour. The tour was a great success and Perry Scenic were delighted to have been a part of this.

Jamie Thompson