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Perry Scenic Creative Ltd  is made up of an experienced team that is creative and technically multi-talented, bringing years of working in the entertainment, presentation and leisure industries to the table.

We have remained a "family" sized company, priding ourselves on providing a high quality personal service, which is flexibile, diverse and reliable. We are based in the heart of England, with over 15,000 square feet of workshops.


Who we are

We produce the highest quality bespoke Stage Sets, Theatrical Scenery, Scenic Environments and Art Creations combined with a full range of Scenic Services including Scenic Artistry and Fabrication, Backdrops, Drapery and 'Soft Goods', Sculpture, 3D Creations, Fabric Structures, Inflatables, Props and Effects.

We build our creations with precision, accuracy and quality. We work with the world's leading designers in numerous fields making their visions into reality. Perry Scenic can interpret designs and where appropriate enhance their suitability to the demands of the Show, Tour, Installation or Event. Keeping the tradition of a scenic workshop, we cross over and combine scenic skills in our own unique way, to enhance technical creativity, versatility and flexibility. Our technical know how enables us to produce unusual bespoke pieces within tight timescales and we are able to interpret a tiny 'cigarette packet' sketch into a full blown stage set.


Who we are

The late David Perry, founder of Perry Scenic, was a highly respected pioneer in the field of Scenic Art and Stage and Set design in both the music and entertainment industries. He brought his knowledge, artistic talent, endless energy, passion, and his 'outside the box' approach to theatre design to the music business.

Originating in the early 1960's, he specialised in the design and painting of Stage Sets for Theatres. This quickly developed into him working with variety shows, theatre tours and opera and in the late 70's he broke into the music business. One of his early commissions was to design to make a 100ft x 30ft 3D backdrop for Black Sabbath's Stonehenge Tour.

In the 80's David became more and more involved in the Rock and Pop industry creating many dramatic Stage Sets and Scenic Effects. In association with Light and Sound Design he worked on many international tours, as well as designing TV sets for Spitting Image, a TV tribute to Elvis Presley and also contributed to the The Eurhythmics ' Must be an Angel' video.

In the early 1990's Perry Scenic was founded, and some members of that original strong and talented team are still working for the company today. Perry Scenic worked closely with the RSC, produced atmospheric environments for visitor centres such as Sea Life, Cadbury's World, Expo 92 in Seville and created the set for TV's Terror Towers, a children's game show.

David developed a longstanding working relationship with music industry legends, the late Mark Fisher and the ever prolific Le Roy Bennett. In the early 90's, despite having a heart by-pass, David went on to become one of the early pioneers of CAD set design, and implemented these new found skills on the Oasis 'Be Here Now' Tour, M People 1977 Tour and Paul McCartneys 1999 USA Tour.

David sadly passed away in December 2010, but his rich legacy of talent, experience and knowledge is continued to this day.