Perry Scenic Creative Limited is one of the most experienced international scenic companies still working in the UK. It is one of only a few set design, fabrication and scenic solutions companies that can rightfully claim a place in the history of the development of 'rock'n'roll' touring. We have earned an enviable reputation for high quality and reliability amongst our peers.

Whether it's a full set build, the creation of a touring or permanent scenic environment, a painted drape, a printed backdrop or floor, a two dimensional set feature, an abstract art inflatable, kabuki, a snifter, PA scrim or all manner of weird and wonderful 'soft goods'; you can be sure that at some point in time Perry Scenic has seen it, done it and got the T-Shirt.

No job is too small or too challenging. Perry Scenic's philosophy of 'nothing is impossible' in addition to 100% commitment and high attention to detail, has meant that Perry Scenic is one of Europe's leading scenic companies with a client list that will make your jaw drop.

The Rolling Stones, The Killers,American Express, Robbie Williams, Mariah Carey,BBC, Rihanna, Katy Perry, Madonna, Alton Towers, Rammstein,Paul McCartney, to name just a few.

Perry Scenic is made up of a creative and technically multi-talented team and our support services give the extra edge to artistic directors, designers, producers, band management, production and tour managers.


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